Mikko Laiho is Winmau Darts Practice Expert and has the best pedigree in the World when it comes to darts practice and game improvement. Mikko had his first set of darts for Christmas in 1979 and was hooked immediately.

Mikko Laiho

Playing for years as a junior and practicing hard he was selected to play for his National Team Finland in 1984 in a National career that spanned over 25 years.

With a superb record and growing reputation around game improvement Mikko soon became both mentor and Manager to many of Finland’s top players, and it was this that inspired Mikko to document his huge darting experience writing two reference books about darts performance.

As a natural choice Mikko soon became Editor/in/chief of The Finnish Darts-magazine, whilst also Coaching Finland’s Youth Team.

Now Mikko has one single focus to bring proper darts practice to every single player in the World, and as you’ll see across his content we’re sure that he is the finest darts practice guru in the world.

It’s a an exclusive darts practice website with specifically designed practice games that will help you become the best player you can. We want you to play the best you can and the Winmau Practice Zone is your route to this improvement.

Here at Winmau we spend as much time thinking about the science of the game as we do the technology of our products.

We want you to play the best you can and get involved with us in getting better.
Every single practice game within the Winmau Practice Zone is aimed at improving one or more of the three most important parts of the game – Scoring, big out shots and single double finishes.

Scoring, Big Outshots and Single Double finishes.

Simply playing 501 as practice does not stretch a darts player enough in practice or deliver the secret ingredient of match intensity.

View each video to see which area of the practice game the video will help and choose ones relevant to the area you’re working on.

We guarantee you that no one on the planet can ever score 100% on any of these games.