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Our in-house design team will help you design and produce your customised darts products using our considerable manufacturing experience and expertise. Winmau can assist you with any customised project as we have our own fully integrated manufacturing facility. You will also benefit from innovative new products as part of our continuous research and development policy.
We have the ability to laser etch a company name or logo on to aluminium shafts.
We can make a wide variety of darts in many shapes and styles, ranging from brass to tungsten in 80%, 85%, 90% and 95% barrels.
Print any 4 colour designs using our high-end printing methods.
Made in Kenya, in our own factory, you can choose from one of 4 colours: black, red, blue and white with the option of a one or two colour print for outstanding brand placement.
Our heavy-duty dart mats stand the test of time and provide continual brand awareness. Available in up to 4 colours.
Made from 100% pure Kenyan sisal. A Championship spec dartboard. With a high degree of flexibility over the style and colours available you can quite literally design works of art!
We offer several different case and wallet types. These range from luxury aluminium cases using state-of the-art laser etching technology to simple yet effective bar wallets.
You can choose from black, beech or rosewood with the option of anything up to 4 colour printing for outstanding brand impact.

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