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The WDDA was founded by Russ Strobel, and its primary aim is to promote equal opportunities for those with disabilities as well as utilising the fantastic rehabilitation and social aspect the sport of darts provides.

The WDDA have successfully gained official recognition that a board set at 137cm is a fair and equivalent height for a wheelchair player compared to the standard board height of 173cm for a standing player. Their dartboard setup guidelines have now been approved by the World Darts Federation for use in all WDF sanctioned events where the Wildfire 137 dart frame concept is used, and the wheelchair setup instructions have been included in all Winmau’s dartboard setup guidelines.

The ingenious Wildfire 137 dart frame was designed to allow wheelchair players the opportunity to compete directly with standing players throwing at their respective heights on the one piece of equipment. The WDDA have also developed The Satellite, which caters for those with an even wider range of disabilities.

For further information on the WDDA and to purchase the Wildfire 137 or The Satellite, please visit or email Russ Strobel You can follow the WDDA on Facebook.


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