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The Beard to be Feared is Back in Business


Simon Whitlock is in dreamland of being top of the Unibet Premier League thanks to cutting flights, jelly beans and colouring his hair blue!

The beard to be feared is back in business after three outstanding PL wins in succession before facing joint leader Michael Smith in Berlin tomorrow (Thursday) night.

The Wizard, 48, had plunged to the depths of despair but his nightmare run is over and replaced by some sweet - and bizarre - dreams.

He revealed: “I dreamt the week before about cutting the top of my flights and it worked when I beat Rob Cross. Last Wednesday night apparently my mate told me I was talking about black jelly beans in my sleep, so I don’t know what that’s all about!

“I put blue in my hair last week and it turned out pretty bad and I actually forgot I put it in there. I like to colour my hair!

“I couldn’t have asked for a better start to the Premier League. I’m really confident, the darts are going great and there’s no pressure on me now. 

“A lot of people doubted me being back in the Premier League and I believe I deserve to be here.

“I think experience is counting for a lot this year because there’s a lot of newbies in it and I feel really comfortable.

“You know what, I know how to play Premier League darts. I was probably the outsider of the whole tournament and I’ll just take one week at a time, not looking at the big picture, just get through the elimination stage and then make the finals.

“I doubt I’ll be eliminated now, I’m top of the table. I just want to prove everyone wrong, the same as Michael Smith does.

“We got a chance to get back in the league and we want to prove everyone wrong and we’re playing really good darts, that’s why we’re there.

“Silencing the doubters drives me. I’m a strong-headed person. I just want to be there with the top players in the world.

“It’s going to be great in Berlin. The German fans have been really good to me so far and hopefully they’ll get behind me and I’ll have another win.”

Berlin is set to be a record PL crowd of 12,000 and it’ll be a far cry from Whitlock going back to his local events in front of 30 folk to get his confidence back. He added: “This is my dream to be back in the league. I had some really low times. I’ve worked really hard, done a lot of practice, played local competitions to get winning again.

“I went back to my grass roots, my local tournaments and started winning those and had to build from the bottom again.

“There’s a lot of other players who have gone down the rankings and doing the same thing. That’s the way you have to do it.

“You can’t just go straight back to winning tournaments, you have to start from scratch and start winning the little ones before you can think about the big ones.

“It builds the mind and confidence. I recommend it to everyone and said it to the old boys like Andy Hamilton and Wes Newton. 

“I always kept fighting because I love playing darts. I’m still wondering how I’m top of the table at the moment because normally it’s Gary Anderson, Michael van Gerwen or Peter Wright. Now it’s myself and Michael Smith which is amazing.

“We were put back in the league and we’re proving our stuff.”

Photography courtesy of Taylor Lanning (@taylorlanning)

Story By: Phil Lanning

Date : 21-02-2018



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