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Winmau Vizcaya International Darts Open 2018

The Winmau Vizcaya International Darts Open 2018 is set to take place across 30th August - 2nd September. Last year's edition of the tournament was a huge success and will once again be played on the class-leading Blade 5 Dual-Core dartboards.


Thursday 30th August

Welcome warm up singles competition starting at 19`30pm. Men and Ladies to be drawn from same pot and put into groups of four or five, with the top two in each group progressing to the KO round.
(money in=money out)

Friday 31st August

11.00 am Mixed pairs (money in=money out) all games up to semi finals best of 7.
15.00 pm Mens and Ladies pairs (money in=money out) all games best of 9 up to semi finals.

Saturday 1st September

10.00 am Vizcaya International team cup. This is the new competition I mentioned above. Participants form teams of 4 players. All players from a team must play in the same county (For UK and Spain Players) or country (other countries) and will be named by their county/country. If there are two or more teams from the same county/country then they will be named with the suffix A, B, C, etc.. (Ie Holland A, Holland B or Lancashire A, Lancashire B). Teams play off against each other on 4 separate boards best of 7, 3 singles games and 3 doubles, with a deciding singles match if required. Only the team captains may play the deciding singles match. If group games are decided upon in the 1st round then matches will begin as best of 6, with a draw between teams possible (1pt draw, 3pts win). Entry fee will be 40€ per team (10€ per player) and prizes allocated to the top 4 teams.
15.00 pm International FED cup Mens and Ladies competitions.


Winner 1,600€, R/Up 800€, S/F 300€, Last 8 150€, Last 16 100€ and Last 32 50€.
Total prize fund 5,200€ (approx 5,000 GBP)


Winner 500€, R/Up 300€, S/F 100€ Last 8 25€
Total prize fund 1,100€ (approx 1,000 GBP)

Sunday 2nd September

III Winmau Vizcaya International Open 2018

Mens: CAT A+

Start time : 11.00

Winner 3,000€, R/U 1,500€, S/F 750€, Last 8 300€, Last 16 150€, Last 32 90€, Last 64 50€.
Total prize fund 11,440€ (approx 10,500 GBP)

Ladies: CAT A

Start time: 13.00

Winner 1,000€, R/U 500€, S/F 350€, Last 8 150€, Last 16 60€, Last 32 20€.
Total prize fund 3,600€ (approx 3,200 GBP)


For details of the Winmau brand in Spain, please contact Manuel Gil on:

Date : 01-02-2018



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