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Finder Darts Masters 2017 Rankings Confirmed

The Finder Darts Master rankings have been confirmed and the seedings completed.

After the results of the Antwerp Open, held last Saturday 12th August, all the ranking events for the Finder Darts Masters rankings have been played. Based on the rankings, 16 men and 2 ladies will receive an invitation to play the Finder Darts Masters held on 8th - 10th December at Hotel Zuiderduin, Egmond aan Zee.

Of the 16 invited men the top 8 are seeded  and are the top seeded players in the groups. The ladies tournament has two groups with the numbers 1 and 2 on the Finder Darts Masters rankings seeded 1st in the group.

As well as the players who enter the event based on the rankings, the champion of the Finder Darts Masters 2016 and the winner of the HAL Masters 2017 are invited for this event.

The winner of the HAL Masters 2017 is Kyle McKinstry, who will make his debut this year on the Finder Darts Masters stage. Finder Darts Masters 2016 champion, Glen Durrant, finished 10th in this year’s rankings but had already claimed his invitation, so his 17th spot in the list of players for this year’s event now comes back to the organisation as a wildcard entry.

In the coming weeks, the list of participants will be added with players who receive a wildcard invite from the organisation or qualify through the Champions League of Darts tournament. The Dutch Darts Bonde also has a wildcard for a Dutch player.

The tournament, which starts on Friday 8th, starts with 24 participants. Of these 24 participants, the first 8 players will be seeded as group leaders and the remaining 16 players will enter one of the 8 groups of 3 players via a draw. After the group matches, the winner of each group qualify for the quarter finals.

The women's tournament has six participants with the top 2 as group head. The remaining 4 ladies will also be split by a draw over the two groups, and the winner of each group will play the ladies final.

For this year’s tournament, Finder Darts Masters ladies champion Anastasia Dobromyslova and HAL Masters 2017 winner Lorraine Winstanley are already invited and this field is complemented by the two ladies on top of this years ranking ,the winner of the Champion League of Darts 2017 and a wildcard available to the organisation.

There is also a Youth tournament with 6 participants. There is no seeding for this event but the boys are divided into two groups by a draw and the winners play in the final on Sunday.

Wessel Nijman, the HAL Masters 2017 boys champion, has received an invitation and also the Champions League of Darts winner will receive one. The remaining 4 spots are selected by the organisation.

Finder Darts Masters Men:

Seeded players

1:            Mark McGeeney             England

2:            Geert De Vos                     Belgium

3:            Wesley Harms                   Netherlands

4:            Willem Mandigers           Netherlands

5:            Danny Noppert                 Netherlands

6:            Jamie Hughes                       England

7:            Martin Adams                   England

8:            Ross Montgomery           Scotland

Other qualifiers

9:            Andy Baetens                    Belgium

10:          Glen Durrant                      England

11:          Scott Mitchell                    England

12:          Jim Williams                        Wales

13:          Conan Whitehead           England

14:          Darius Labanauskas         Lithuanian

15:          Dean Reynolds                  Wales

16:          Richard Veenstra             Netherlands

17:          Wildcard  Organisation

18:          Kyle McKinstry                  Nrth Ireland       HAL Masters 2017  

19:          Winner   Champions League of Darts

20:          Wildcard  Organisation

21:          Wildcard  Organisation

22:          Wildcard  Organisation

23:          Wildcard  Organisation

24:          Wildcard Nederlandse Darts Bond


Finder Darts Masters Ladies:

Seeded  players

1:            Deta Hedman                                    England

2:            Aileen de Graaf                                                Netherlands

3:            Anastasia Dobromyslova              Russia

4:            Lorraine Winstanley                        England                HAL Masters 2017  

Other qualifiers

5:            Winner   Champions League of Darts

6:            Wildcard Organisation


Finder Darts Masters Youth:

1:            Wessel Nijman                                  Netherlands       HAL Masters 2017  

2:            Winner Champions League of Darts   

3:            Wildcard  Organisation

4:            Wildcard  Organisation

5:            Wildcard  Organisation

6:            Wildcard  Organisation


More information about the Finder Darts Masters, ticket sales and hotel package deals can be found at:

Date : 22-08-2017



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