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JDC UK Tour 3 – Event Preview with James Beeton & Jarred Cole

JDC’s Tom Beresford previews the JDC’s UK Tour 3 which comes to Rileys Sports Club in Worcester in just two weeks time, he is joined by the winners from the first two UK Tour events James Beeton who was successful at event one in Dorchester and Jarred Cole who was victorious over in Derby in event two. The JDC have recently just unveiled a HUGE event – The JDC European Open 2017 coming this December on the eve of the JDC World Junior Darts Championships in Bristol with over £4000 in prize money up for grabs. The winner will receive some huge benefits too as they will get to play the World number one Michael van Gerwen on stage and will automatically gain a place in the 2018 PDC Unicorn World Youth Championships in 2018.

With event three of the UK Tour just around the corner, there are a number of young hopefuls looking to become the next JDC all-star. Tom had a chance to grab a chat with the winners of the first two UK Tour events of 2017 in James Beeton and Jarred Cole. Here’s what they had to say :


James, how much confidence did it give you to win the opening event of the JDC UK Tour over in Dorchester ?

” It gave me lots of confidence, I was confident in everything I was doing, practise as great, my set up was great everything was going smooth, I had lots of confidence going in to every game I was going in to and I felt I was playing well had all the hard practice paid off. “


Jarred, How did it feel for you to win the second event over in Derby after dominating the days play after dropping just three legs all day ?


” For me to win the second event in Derby was brilliant I had been playing really well in the build up to this event and felt I had a good chance after coming so close in the first tour I played excellent all day and was so happy to get over the line to play such quality players and drop only 3 legs all day was just an overwhelming feeling. “



It must feel great for you both to now become JDC allstars and book your places in the play-offs for the JDC World Youth Championship ?


JB: ” Feels amazing to be a JDC All-Star and I can’t wait for the World Junior Championship’s , excited but nervous but I will be practicing hard in preparation for it and hope It goes well for me on the day. “


JC: ” Being a JDC All-Star is great it is a real privilege to be able to say that the perks it has are incredible and gives you the confidence to go out and win it again. “


James, you obviously travelled a long way from Chester to Dorchester, did that put any added pressure on you to do well or did you just take each match as it came ?


” It was a long journey down from Chester, me and my dad left at about 5:30 in the morning to get down there, I felt pressure because It didn’t add any pressure but I didn’t want to let me Dad down. ” 


Jarred, it must give you a lot of confidence going into the remaining JDC events after winning UK Tour 2 the way you did ?


” The way I played at the second event will give me great confidence to push on in the next few events and hopefully do well at the JDC World Youth Finals. ” 



Just how much are the pair of you looking forward to the JDC European Open later this December with over £4000 in prize money up for grabs ?


JB: ” The JDC European Open will be an outstanding event with some quality dart players and I can’t wait and hope I can emulate what Jim Moston did. “


JC: ” I am very much looking forward to the European Open feeling great going into it and hoping to continue playing the way I am and battle for the title. ” 


Just how well would you say the JDC competitions are run and do you look forward to the remaining events in 2017 ?


JB: ” The JDC events are ran superbly, quick, good format and the JDC helps young kids try and become the next Michael van Gerwen or Phil Taylor. “


JC: ” The JDC UK Tour is an incredibly well run event which I very much enjoy the group of people who run it do an excellent job I always look forward to there events knowing it’s gonna be a great day. “

Story By: Tom Beresford

Date : 30-05-2017



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