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Ted “The Count” Hankey – one of the sport’s biggest names and most colourful characters – has re-committed his future to Winmau by signing a new five-year sponsorship contract.

Former two-time World Champion Hankey, who first signed for the company in 2009, will represent Winmau at tournaments, events and exhibitions across the globe. He will also continue to collaborate on the innovation of new darts and other equipment.

Hankey, in partnership with Winmau, has recently launched a new set of darts for 2017 which he developed with the company’s technicians and they represent quite a departure from his familiar smooth-barrelled darts.

“I’m very happy with my form at the moment,” says Ted. “I’ve settled into my new darts really well and they have given my game new impetus. Winmau has been more than a sponsor to me; they are incredibly supportive and their dedication to perfection and innovation is second-to-none. I am thrilled to be able to continue working with the company, as I aim to get back into the top 10 in the BDO system.”

Available in steeltip in weights of 24 and 26 grams, and softip in 18 grams, the new darts are made from 90% military grade tungsten and feature a distinctive black Onyx coating. A set of fine rings run the full length of the barrel, which widens slightly towards the point, to improve grip still further. Three red bands at the back of the barrel give a classy finishing touch to a set of darts that come with Prism Polycarbonate Shafts and black and red signature Rhino flights.

“Ted is one of the hardest working pros in the game,” says Winmau’s Sales and Marketing Director, Ian Flack. “If he’s not competing, he’s working with our technicians to refine his own darts and lend his expertise to others we are developing. He’s a great ambassador for the sport, a friend and I am delighted we will be continuing to count Ted as a member of the Winmau team in the future.”

You can follow Ted on Twitter @TedHankeyDarts and Facebook

Date : 22-03-2017



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