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Winmau has underlined its reputation as the world’s leading darts brand by renewing its sponsorship of the Darts Federation of Serbia and the country’s top player, Oliver Ferenc.

Thanks to the company’s support, darts is enjoying continued growth in the country under the leadership of the Federation, which has adopted the Blade 5 as its preferred dartboard for all events, and Winmau as its darts brand of choice.

Under the sponsorship agreement, Winmau will continue to provide class-leading equipment to enable the Darts Federation of Serbia to run its high-quality tournaments and events.

Vladimir Injac, the Federation’s President, said: “Compared to many other countries, darts in Serbia is still in its infancy. However, with Winmau’s support it is growing at an incredible pace; we have a number of major tournaments and we are participating on the world stage which enables us to provide opportunities for some of Serbia’s top players to showcase their ability.”

One of those top players is Oliver Ferenc who has dominated the domestic game for the last several years and, unsurprisingly is the Serbian number one. In addition to sponsoring the Darts Federation of Serbia, Winmau has also announced that it will extend its sponsorship of Oliver, which began in 2011.

“Winmau sponsors some of the biggest names in the sport,” says Oliver. “But their sponsorship of local players like me also has a huge impact. I am able to compete in tournaments all over the world and compete against the best players – All thanks to the generosity of Winmau and its commitment to the sport on a global level.”

Ian Flack, Winmau’s Sales and Marketing Director, said: “The international darts community continues to grow thanks to the hard work of organisations like the Darts Federation of Serbia and the talents of players like Oliver. I’m delighted that Winmau is able to play a part in the continued expansion and success of darts in Serbia.”

The Winmau range is available throughout Serbia and the surrounding countries via their exclusive distributor Rick's Technology - Email:, Tel:  +381 (0)21 4 722 720, Fax: +381 (0)21 477 00 26, Website:

Date : 28-02-2017



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