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Dr Darts News Letter 83 - 'Dartitis'

Welcome to this special ‘Dartitis’ edition of DDN. In 2007 the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) included the word ‘dartitis’ for the first time, defining the condition as ‘a state of nervousness which prevents a player from releasing a dart at the right moment when throwing.’ The word had first appeared in Darts World magazine in 1981, coined by the then editor Tony Wood to describe a condition whereby a player finds himself or herself unable to release a dart (or darts) properly. The dart is picked up. The dart is brought up to eye level and the aim corrected. The dart is drawn back…and that’s where it stays! (In this, dartitis is similar to the ‘yips’ in golf where the player goes to swing the club but is unable to bring it down to complete the movement.)

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Date : 14-02-2017



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