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Winmau are the Exclusive Darts Partner of the World Disability Darts Association

Winmau, the world’s leading darts brand, are honoured to announce their support of the World Disability Darts Association (WDDA). 

The WDDA was recently founded by Russ Strobel who says “The establishment of the World Disability Darts Association is the end product of a long campaign waged to open our sport to players with disability. The endorsement of a lowered board height for wheelchair players at the world’s highest level was important because darts and its well established infrastructure is an ideal environment in which those living with disability can participate. Our sport is enveloped in a valuable supportive and social network, and of all sports none holds greater potential to improve one's overall feeling of wellbeing long-term. Winmau’s high level of support is indicative of the integrity of their policies in relation to those living with disability. Winmau’s joint sponsorship of the WDDA and Wheelchair Darts UK has enabled us to join forces under the one brand whose munificent support will help us realise our goals.”

Russ’ campaign was aimed at gaining official acknowledgement that a board set at 137cm was as fair and equivalent for a wheelchair player as the standard board height of 173cm is for a standing player. His dartboard setup guidelines have now been approved by the World Darts Federation for use in all WDF sanctioned events where the Wildfire 137 dart frame concept is available for use. The ingenious Wildfire 137 dart frame was designed to allow wheelchair players the opportunity to compete directly with standing players throwing at their respective heights on the one piece of equipment. Winmau will be including the new guidelines in their next print-run of instruction booklets which are included in all dartboard packaging, and they will gradually filter worldwide as new stock enters the market during the months ahead.

Addressing the many requests during his campaign to develop something equally challenging for an even wider range of disabilities Russ created The Satellite, a visually striking, magnetic pendulum-action game; based pro-rata on the scoring proportions of a dartboard. Unique Satellite competitions will be held at all WDDA events enabling participation and networking of players and carers living with a wide range of disabilities including Cerebral Palsy, Vision Impairment, and most levels of Quadriplegia.

Ian Flack, Sales and Marketing Director of Winmau, said “I first met Russ from the country town of Yarram in Victoria Australia last year after his meeting with the WDF in the UK and was overwhelmed by his generosity of spirit and determination not only to see people with disability enjoy the sport of darts but to promote darts as an adjunct to rehabilitation and therapy. We are incredibly proud to be working alongside Russ and his fellow WDDA Board Members to help people of all ages and abilities experience the enjoyment and benefits of our sport. We officially endorse the Wildfire 137 and The Satellite and will be using our marketing and distribution networks to help the WDDA wherever possible. Working jointly we will spread the word globally and hope that recognition of the WDDA leads to our sport’s future inclusion as a Paralympics event.”

The first WDDA all-disabilities event using both the Wildfire 137 dart frame and The Satellite will be held on May 18th and 19th 2013 in Dandenong, Victoria, Australia. The Winmau Blade 4 dartboard is the board of choice for all WDDA tournaments. 

For further information on the WDDA, please visit  HYPERLINK "" or email Russ Strobel  HYPERLINK "" You can follow the WDDA on Facebook and on twitter Russ Strobel@wildfire137

Date : 11-02-2013



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